Nomad Capital
We are a strategic partner to our portfolio companies

Our first-hand experience in product creation, trading, and tokenomics design gives us a meaningful edge

Tokenomics Design

Our team has worked with more than 200 projects on tokenomics, and we have a deep understanding of the best practices in the space

Product Advisory

As builders ourselves, we advise our portfolio companies as they scale and help them avoid detours

DeFi Trading

Our sister company handles $1 billion in monthly trading volume and helps our portfolio companies with various trading needs


A team of internal recruiters assist our portfolio companies with talent acquisition

Security Audit

Our in-house security experts and engineering team do line-by-line audits of our portfolio companies’ code and provide feedback on projects

Token Launch Strategy

A successful token launch is not easy for first-time founders – we have provided hands-on assistance at this stage to 50+ project