Nomad Capital

Our Strategy

As a disciplined team, we hold back on deploying capital unless a serious opportunity is present. We would rather do nothing than invest in a project we are not sure about

Invest in founders with strong track record, independent thinking, bias towards execution, mental maturity, integrity, and long-term vision

Maximize value capture by finding the right balance between building and investment. We do hands-on operations for select projects and work closely with founders to add value to their projects and help them grow

Liquidity is king. We expect to allocate our capital predominantly to projects with a clear exit path.

Conduct deep, fundamental research and make few but large bets instead of spreading thin

Invest in high-quality and fundamentally sound companies regardless of their stage and make follow-on investments in the secondary market

Gain access to the best deal sources by capitalizing on our strong founder and investor network across the US, Europe, and Asia