Nomad Capital

It’s time to invest against the tide

Nomad Capital was founded amidst the crypto market bloodbath in 2022. However, the utility of the blockchain technology is not lost along the crash of the price. The current crisis will help accelerate the development of a more transparent and open financial system, providing more opportunities for the existing resilient web3 market players who can survive the crisis and the entrepreneurs who are entering web3.

Nomad Capital is an operator fund that provides hands-on assistance to help projects develop and scale. We believe this model is a meaningful way to run a VC and is suitable for us given our industry experience. As a team, we have already gone through previous crypto market cycles, including the ICO boom, the 2018 crypto winter, DeFi summer, and the NFT/GameFi craze, during which we saw the success and failures of many companies at a very close view. We not only have strong experience in investing but also building and managing businesses, which gives us a more comprehensive angle from which to evaluate investment opportunities than other funds.

The world is changing, and the industry is seeing a re-shuffle, which eliminates the faithless but makes the long-term investors and builders even stronger. The blockchain industry is still at an embryonic stage, with tremendous growth potential. Let’s catch this once-in-a-decade opportunity together.